Have a product but need a little help in one aspect of listing or selling?  Have an awesome product but don’t want to deal with the daily labor needed to effectively sell your product online?

Our team can probably help!  Our team has many years of experience dealing with platforms like Amazon, Ebay, and Jet.com.   We offer a range of services to help you outsource some aspects that you don’t want the headache of dealing with, and we pride ourselves in our constantly increasing knowledge and education in all aspects of e-commerce.

Services we offer include but are not limited to:
  • Listing and PPC optimization, using advanced data gathering and research techniques
  • Website building, with emphasis on e-commerce and branding together
  • Listing Photo creation, enhancement, and strategy creation
  • Regular review of inventory, returns, customer contacts, and policy issues on various platforms.
  • Account review for refunds due from selling platform
  • Cross-Channel sales and fulfillment solutions
Hickory Flats also offers complete account Management or Startup Coaching for clients that are interested.
Account Management:  
Have a product to sell but don’t have time or interest in selling online?  Let us help you!  We can get your entire product line listed, optimized, and advertised.  Then, we manage all digital operations to boost sales of your product, without you having to deal with the headaches.  We ONLY get paid on a commission structure for this, so if we don’t produce, we don’t get paid!
Startup Coaching:
Want to get started with an E-commerce business but don’t know where to start?  We can help! Our Startup Coaching service offers you one-on-one assistance with our team.  We help get your items online and selling, the whole time teaching and mentoring you to take over.  Typically, we try to complete the program in just 6 months, at which time we let you spread your wings and manage your e-commerce empire!  This service is commission based as well, so if you don’t get sales, you don’t pay us.
For more information on any of these services, please feel free to Contact Us and we can discuss options on how to help you meet your goals!