Product Sourcing and Manufacturing

Hickory Flats has a long history in sourcing and procurement. The founding partners met during sourcing and procurement operations, and the company began operations based on that initial strength. Today, Hickory Flats is a leader in small and large batch procurement, and our clients have come to appreciate our accuracy, integrity, and ingenuity. Aside from standard procurement, we also have experience in custom manufacturing assistance.

When it comes to procurement and sourcing for e-commerce, the industry standard has been to use sites like Alibaba. Those sites offer a lot of options and are easy to navigate, but you usually end up dealing with a reseller who has little to no experience with the specific product, or they are raising your costs to an unnecessary level. In addition, they are riskier to deal with because there is little to no accountability in payments, quality, or after-sales service.

What can Hickory Flats do for you?

  • Source goods in existing production, while utilizing our local contacts and communication ability to ensure accuracy, quality, and efficiency.
  • Partnering with manufacturers to design and produce your unique item.  We also can assist with design and prototype production.
  • Design and produce packaging, labels, inserts, etc.
  • Offer communication assistance and inspection services for suppliers you may be already working with.
  • Offer security!  When you buy through us, you are purchasing from a U.S. based company, not wiring money to an unknown business or individual in another country.
  • While Asia is the most common sourcing location, Hickory Flats also has sourcing and manufacturing abilities for select products in the USA and Central America.
To get started, use the Contact Us page to tell us about your project, and we will get to work for you!