Central America Sourcing

This non-typical sourcing service allows certain projects to be handled by local artisans and craftsman in Central America!  It helps your brand tell a story and offer fair wage / fair trade criteria.  Most of these products will be hand-made.

Pricing Varies, Click Below for More Info and to Receive a Quote

FBA Prep/Warehousing

Whether we are storing and shipping your goods to FBA or managing complex bundling, packaging, or other prep services: Hickory Flats has you covered.


We love shipping!  Our boutique service leverages volume and consolidation to offer great rates, with the added benefit of hands-on service on BOTH sides of the world.

Experience China

Visit a single market with MILLIONS of products under one roof!

Learn Product Sourcing

Network and travel with fellow entrepreneurs and content providers!

China Networking

Coaching and teaching included, NOT just a trip

Full Service Sourcing

This service uses the full range of our sourcing and procurement abilities with our multi-national presence to help you build a product line, your brand, and your business!

In this section, we want to explain more about how our service works, and at the end we will provide a survey for you to fill out so that we can give you a quote on the service for your specific project.

Pricing Varies, Click Below for More Info and to Receive a Quote

Production Inspection

This service provides and inspection of your ordered goods from the factory when the order is complete, usually prior to the final payment being delivered.   Lots of people offer this service, but very few are KNOWN to be thorough and trustworthy like Hickory Flats!

Price:  $325

Supplier Scope

This service is meant to give you peace of mind. It helps insure that you know who you are dealing with, and that your pricing is fair!  We frequently save clients a TON of money and possible headaches with this unique service…

Price: $499


With a mix of a-la-cart services or full-service options, Hickory Flats offers a range of services that can meet the needs of most of the common “sticking points” in sourcing!