About Us


Mission Statement:  Hickory Flats strives to be an organization that uses integrity, creativity, and efficiency to assist clients in meeting their e-commerce goals.  We use our experience and knowledge to help clients build their online revenue streams that will increase value and flexibility in their lives.  Hickory Flats intends to continually grow and gain knowledge in the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce and to constantly meet the expectations of our clients as service and knowledge experts.

Hickory Flats was started by founding partners Rohn Yan and Tim Jordan after they met and worked together on international procurement and logistics enterprises in industries unrelated to e-commerce.  Separately, Tim started learning about the methods and skills needed to sell on Amazon, and quickly realized the importance and power of online sales for small business, with an emphasis on creating “Private Label” products and personal brands.  Using their experience and knowledge from previous jobs and projects, they created a business model that would leverage their abilities and offer a service to meet the needs of their clients.

Hickory Flats is structured with sister companies in USA and Asia, jointly owned and managed.  It is an enterprise with offices on both ends of the world, allowing close management and “boots on the ground” services that make it unique to most procurement and logistics companies in this industry.  All Hickory Flats team members are encouraged to use integrity, creativity, and further education to create an atmosphere of growth and pride in everything they do.

For general inquiries and to receive the fastest response, please email:sales@hickory-flats.com or use our Contact Us form HERE.


Tim Jordan

Director, North American Division

Rohn Yan

Director, Asia Division

Andrea Urrea

Director of Latin American Office

Jonathan Hollingsworth

Cherry Yan

Logistics Manager

Nicole Abercrombie

Operations Manager

Lauren Glennon

Warehouse Crew

FBA Prep Center and Import Center