The team at Hickory Flats Inc. knows that every FBA product is different. At our warehouse, we receive and handle all of our shipments, but we also handle FBA preparation, shipping to FBA, and warehousing services. We can bundle, package, and label with the best of them! And with our experience as sellers and service providers, we know how important it is to be accurate, efficient, and creative. Your FBA success is at stake!

Below is the overall pricing structure of our FBA prep and warehousing service, but please feel free to Contact Us  if you have any questions or would like to get a project started!

Standard FBA Prep Service

Standard FBA Prep Service – $1.00 per unit

Service includes:

  • Receiving goods into prep center and inspecting for shipment damage
  • Multi-Unit Bundling (up to 5 pieces per bundle including insert card)
  • Poly-Bagging or Heat Shrinking (we provide standard sized material)
  • 12” x 12” bubble wrap per bundle (if needed)
  • Printing and Application of FNSKU
  • Application of Shipping Labels and Repacking in Shipping Carton (we try to recycle boxes, otherwise a carton purchase applies)
  • Setting up shipment to FBA via User Permissions by AMZ Partner Carriers (the actual shipping is charged to your account) (for LTL, we charge $7 per pallet used but saves you a ton of money over UPS shipping generally) 

Case Handling Only – $4 per case

If the product comes in and has FNSKU and is already prepped, we will inspect packaging for shipping damage, then set up shipment in Seller Central via User Permissions.  We get it all set up and shipped for $4 per case, plus pallet cost of $7 if we supply pallet for LTL

(If the product just needs case handling and also ONLY FNSKU applied, then we normally just get AMZ to apply FNSKU.  If you want us to apply the label, we charge $0.30 per label applied) 

Accessory Charges

More than 5 pieces per bundle – We Will Quote Based on Project

Measuring and dispensing liquids, granules, etc. – We will Quote Based on Project

Polybag or Heatshrink required more than 24” x 12” – We will quote based on need

Bubble Wrap Larger than 12’ x 12”

Pallet needed for LTL shipment  – $7 per pallet (these are Amazon compliant pallets)

Shipping Cartons Supplied – $4 per carton for AMZ Compliant Carton

Amazon Removal Order Acceptance

Accepting Items from Removal Orders – $0.50 per item.

Items frequently come back in many boxes, and over an extended period of time.  For the price of $0.50 per item, we will accept, inspect, sort, and prep the goods for storage until you send a new plan.  After we accept the goods, re-processing will be charged under the standard FBA pricing listed above.

Long Term Warehousing

$25 per CBM per month.

This is charged at the end of every month, and will be charged per how many 1 CBM “slots” your goods take up.  We do our best to consolidate tightly.  We can ship back to Amazon based on pricing above ($4 per case), or ship to other locations (we will quote a price).

Reduced rates will apply to warehouse volumes of more than 8 CBM!

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