China Sourcing Trip

New Dates Released!
August 3- 9 2018!

Over 400 years ago, this little village started as a market for chicken feathers! Housing more than 100,000 vendors under one roof and covering over 59 MILLION square feet, this market is MASSIVE. Everything from kitchen and housewares, to hardware, to toys, and EVERYTHING in between…. This place is a PRIVATE LABELER’S DREAM!

Aside from being a great opportunity for new product ideas and sourcing, the market in Yiwu can also be very frustrating, confusing, and overwhelming. So, after years of learning the ropes of Yiwu and building a network of providers and connections, Hickory Flats is now offering Private Labelers (or ASPIRING Private Labelers) the opportunity to learn the biz in a BOOTS ON THE GROUND way! After offering this service to existing clients only, we are opening this opportunity up to any serious e-com seller that wants to RAPIDLY INCREASE THEIR GROWTH!  And to do that, we want you to come to China with us!

Who Is This Trip For?

The short answer? People that are serious about becoming entrepreneurs. This will be an intense opportunity, and it is not one to be taken lightly. On average, our clients come back from these trips with enough knowledge, product ideas, and sample purchases to keep them busy for a year or more! If you are dabbling in one small product and are not sure that you want to SCALE UP, then this is not for you. If you are not fully committed to growing your e-commerce empire, then this is probably not for you….

HOWEVER, if you ARE ready to spend a week and have your MIND BLOWN with ideas and action plans, then this trip has your name written all over it! If you want to learn the tried and true methods for finding ideas and validating them with small orders, this is for you! If you want to learn about full production sourcing and logistics in China, this is for you! If you want to network with other amazing entrepreneurs, then this is for you! If you want to EXPERIENCE CHINA in a fun, educational, and productive way, than this trip is for you!

Our Focus Points, and what we want you to achieve

Learn to FULLY SOURCE after Validation

Our philosophy is a little different than most people’s when it comes to sourcing in Yiwu. We hear “pros” claiming that Yiwu is full of 100,000 ACTUAL FACTORY REPS… Well, that simply isn’t true. Yiwu is, however, AMAZING for the first step in finding killer product lines, but we will teach you the REST of the process also! After leveraging Yiwu for small test orders at good prices, and gaining ideas from HANDS ON SOURCING, we will teach you how to work directly with suppliers and actual factories on those pre-validated and tested ideas to SCALE YOUR PRODUCT LINE!

Find Amazing Ideas and BUY TEST ORDERS

You WILL leave from this trip with a serious education, but also a large list of ACTIONABLE PRODUCT TESTS that can be launched and SELLING quickly! Although this is a very educational trip, it is also a shopping and sourcing trip! You can have purchases in the works immediately!

Network with Other Sellers / Masterminds

Anyone that has ever been to a sellers conference or meetup knows that the BEST thing about them is the networking! Well, imagine spending a week in China with other serious entrepreneurs and industry pros…. The discussions, shared ideas, and connections WILL have a positive influence on your business for a long time to come. GUARANTEED!

Learn How Logistics Works

If you are going to buy from China, you need to learn how to get the goods to the USA and other markets. We will teach you the basic principles and options for shipping and importing.

Learn Product Validation

Learn the steps to using PPC and other tools to validate a small sample order without a huge investment. There are ways to let AMAZON tell you the likelihood of success on your next product, and we will teach that to you! This is HUGE in making decisions on purchasing production runs! There are SO MANY PEOPLE buying TOO MANY BAD IDEAS! We will teach you methods to help avoid that.

Learn Idea Gathering Tactics and Practices

Learn how to get ideas for products that are unique to Amazon. Tim will dive deep into the “Yeti Principle”, and teach you how to search for and launch items that aren’t oversaturated or even on the radar of other Private Labellers!

Learn to Manage Expectations in Chinese Sourcing

You will learn about managing expectations with Chinese suppliers. There is a lot of info out there, and lots of it is GARBAGE. Come see for yourself, and learn from REAL PROS, not “gurus” that have never even been to China… These insights will help you in doing business with Chinese suppliers for many years to come, and not just in the context of the Yiwu market!

Become introduced to Chinese Business Culture

You will receive lessons from our own Rohn Yan, entrepreneur and sourcing/logistics expert in China. You will get to experience the art of negotiation. You will get to hear from sourcing businesses and providers NOT EVEN ASSOCIATED with Hickory Flats! We want you to get an education, not a sales pitch!


Our schedule is based on very tactical decisions and a TRIED AND TRUE plan! Yiwu is not a 3-4 day trip. To be effective and efficient it will take longer. Also, the time of year is MASSIVELY important, and we have done our best to pick the PERFECT time. The below schedule puts us in China RIGHT after the Chinese New Year / Spring Festival. This is the BEST time to find active, excited, and eager sellers! It is also early enough to validate and LAUNCH a full production line before Q4!

August 6, 7, 8 – Shopping days

On the morning of March 5th, you will be introduced to your OWN PERSONAL SHOPPING ASSISTANT!!!! This person will be assigned to be your buddy for the next three days! Your assistant will act as guide, translator, and secretary. They work in the market every day, and know how to operate and how to navigate the IMMENSE facility. They will be with you every step of the way, and leverage their experience helping hundreds of other shoppers to help you achieve the best experience possible!

Every evening, we will meet again for a recap, Q & A, and other training. Following this will be dinner and networking opportunities (or go soak in your tub and try to calm your brain from all the ideas and new knowledge!)

On the 7th, the last day, if you are worn out of the market (some people can only handle two days before their brain explodes!) you will have the option of checking out a real Chinese factory as an educational experience. This opportunity is rare, as most people just visit markets. This will better help you understand the manufacturing process and culture, and differentiate between the pros and cons of resellers vs. producers.

August 9, Thursday – Travel home

Most flight back to USA leave Shanghai in the afternoon.  So, the morning of the 8th, we will leave Yiwu, take the train back to Shanghai, and get everyone to Pudong airport for their flights home!

August 3, Friday – Arrive in Shanghai (you leave the USA on the 2nd and land on the 3rd

Flights are cheaper to Shanghai than directly to Yiwu, and you need to visit it! You will land at Pudong International Airport, where our team will meet you and personally take you to our hotel.  Once there, we will enjoy a nice dinner and the option of checking out WEST NANJING ROADa massive, high-tech, high end shopping area.    This will be a relaxed evening as people will come in at different times and be weary from long travels!

August 4, Saturday – Recovery day in Shanghai

After many trips to China, our team knows that it takes at least a day of rest/play to be productive. Long travels, jet lag, and even a sense of being overwhelmed with China make it nearly impossible to dig deep into learning and work on day 1! So, we ALWAYS spend a day to get acclimated.

On Saturday we will enjoy a great breakfast, then hit the town with experienced and WONDERFUL guides to check out Shanghai! You will have the option of seeing the Bund, the world famous Shanghai Tea House, the Jade Buddha Temple, experience WORLD FAMOUS Dim Sum (dumplings), and go to the famous Shanghai underground black market (a favorite of all of our clients).

Saturday you will get to know your team leaders, get to network and hang out with other sellers, and enjoy a fun, relaxing recovery day.

August 5, Sunday – Travel to Yiwu

Ever gone over 200 mph on a train? Well, Sunday you will! After leaving the hotel in the morning, we will hop on a bullet train to at the Hongqiao train station and head to Yiwu! You will ride first-class for 90 minutes, enjoying the scenery and getting PUMPED for the market! We will be taken from the train station to the 5-STAR MARRIOT YIWU Hotel, which will be our base of operations.

Sunday is also when the heavy training starts… You will be introduced to some more of our team in Yiwu, and we will dive deep into the procedures, tactics, and best practices for the market! We will even head across the street to the market itself as a group and see what the market looks like and do a little training and interaction together with suppliers there, just to get an idea of how the process works.

We will have around 6 hours of actual training sessions taught by different pros, and will get you prepared for the next 3 days….

The Team

  • Tim Jordan – Serial entrepreneur, 7-figure seller, and co-founder of Hickory Flats. He has spent a LOT of time in Yiwu, and he will share his knowledge to help you maximize your trip, as well as Private Label creation in general!
  • Rohn Yan – Sourcing and Logistics pro, co-founder of Hickory Flats. Rohn has extensive knowledge in Chinese business, and will share that info with you! He runs the Hickory Flats team in Shanghai, and directs the Chinese operations from there. He has immense insight into how to buy from and do business with Chinese suppliers, and he will be available to share that insight with you!
  • Linda Davis – Online seller, speaks AMAZING Chinglish, seller coach. After spending her childhood in Hong Kong, she now lives in the USA where she and her husband work full-time as online sellers and coaches/consultants. She and her husband quit their jobs and have experience in the evolution of yardsale flips on ebay, to RA and wholesale on Amazon, and are now launching Private Label products.
  • Olivia Jiang – Chinese entrepreneur, tour guide, professional business assistant. Olivia runs a highly reviewed and prestigious guide and business assistance company in China. She specializes in hospitality, logistics for travelers, and “getting stuff done”!

The Cost

We want the pricing to be as simple as possible, so we are OFFERING the simplest pricing possible…

You will pay for your airline ticket to and from China, but aside from that we have you covered! We are offering as near of an all-inclusive package as possible. ASIDE from the coaching and teaching, we cover the following items for you to add the most value possible, as well as letting you focus on the learning and shopping and not worrying about the multiple daily expenses.

We cover:

  • Airport pickup and transport to hotel in Shanghai
  • World-Class hotel accommodations in Shanghai for 2 nights
  • Guided sight-seeing in Shanghai with entry into venues.
  • Train Tickets round trip, first class on the bullet train to Yiwu
  • Accommodations at the Yiwu Marriot
  • 3 meals a day!
  • Access to training sessions in private conference room and market floor
  • 3 days access to private translator, guide, and shopping assistant
  • Excel spreadsheet with pictures, notes, pricing, and contact info delivered to you by your assistant for all items of interest in the market!
  • Delivery to Pudong Airport on the 8th for return flights home

In addition, we also offer the following pre and post-trip services and perks!

  • Invitation letter for Chinese Visa
  • Assistance in picking the best flights.
  • Exclusive Facebook group for leaders and attendees to network, compare notes, and easily communicate in a group setting prior to and AFTER the trip!
  • Full guidance on trip prep including packing lists, health considerations, and answers to any questions you may have about travelling to China!
  • Online video introductions and instructions prior to the trip
  • Written training and guidance material relating to Chinese sourcing, logistics, and FINDING THE “Yeti”!
  • Access to consolidated shipping and import of your market purchases
  • Access to service providers such as listing photographers, custom packaging designers, and other services related to Private Label selling. Hickory Flats has a huge network, and we want to connect you to it with NO GIMMICKS!

One of the LARGEST perks is EXCLUSIVITY! We are ONLY offering this trip to 20 people. This will be a tight group, with lots of one-on-one time with the pros!
The cost of this shopping experience, training, and fully guided trip is only $6,000! This covers everything listed above. Most Private Label sellers travelling to China take around 2 years and multiple trips to gain the connections, experience, and knowledge that we are confident you will acquire after JUST 1 WEEK!!! The only extra costs you will have are snacks and souvenirs, room service, gifts to take home, and your PRIVATE LABEL PURCHASES!


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